Why Would I Need A Digital Coach?

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Why Would I Need A Digital Coach For My Business?

We use coaches and advisers in our life to help us with all sorts of issues, ranging from fitness and weight, through to finance and business and of course, to help us excel in sports and competitive arenas. Therefore, why wouldn’t you invest the time into a Digital Coach, to help you excel in online marketing and drive more business?

When you start a business, the thought of promoting your new business online may give you hot flushes and sweaty palms. You really need to be sure that every dollar spent is spent wisely, however it can be overwhelming to wade through so much information online or decide from so many ‘experts’ who want to spend your hard earned.

The two options that you choose between, are:

  1. Spend money with a digital agency or digital professional to run your online marketing
  2. Try and take on everything yourself and learn as much as possible

Option one is often the most common for small medium businesses who need immediate results and do not have the time to learn digital marketing themselves, and often it is better left to the experts.

The return on investment you can receive from this will vary and is dependent on a range of factors such as:

  • The competency of the agency / professional chosen in relation to both experience and technology used
  • Whether or not the strategy is correct for your industry and your client base?
  • How much money is invested into each product, service and why?
  • How much is spent on fees and commissions?
  • How are your results measured and are your businesses best interests at heart?

There is no doubt, as with any industry, there are great digital agencies and operators who will yield you positive results and form a strong relationship with your business, and on the flip side, unfortunately there are poorly run agencies and professionals who will over-charge, deliver mediocre results and have no genuine interest in you or your businesses goals.

Option two is often undertaken by inquisitive business owners or those who feel they have enough digital nous and competence to be able to set up basic digital campaigns and channels and use these to communicate effectively with their target market.

The results from learning and applying digital marketing on your own, will vary depending on:

  • Competence in using each platform, service, product or channel to its maximum potential
  • Your ability to understand which products and services are most suitable
  • The budget you apply to each platform
  • Knowledge of your target market and the most effective way to reach them
  • Time management
  • Ability to keep up to date with changing consumer and digital trends, and understand how to apply these to your business

That all sounds good, but what will a Digital Coach offer my business?

The short answer: To save time and money and get satisfaction from implementing your own successful techniques.

The reality is that most new business owners will not have the time or skills required to learn and then apply this new-found knowledge effectively to maximise their online results. On top of this, there a huge variety of digital agencies and professionals that can assist, however it is important to know that there are always ongoing fees, commissions and charges related to their services. Digital agencies and professionals make their revenue by keeping you with them as possible and up-selling you into new and multiple products and services.

Learn how to manage your own digital campaigns by consulting with an experienced Digital Coach.

A Digital Coach will analyse your businesses unique situation and provide advice specific to your situation and goals.

Digital Coach will provide independent, honest and transparent advice on how to improve your situation, give you tailored advice, teach you how to save money and time whilst educating you on the modern tips, tricks and digital hacks to improve your own online presence.

A Digital Coach will not earn commissions or charge on-going fees. The goal is to educate you on what digital services and products are best suited to you, your industry and most importantly, your own customers. The reality is that with the correct strategy and advice and motivation, you can achieve a lot of success online.

Think of a Digital Coach as support for your business, and a mentor. Just like you may use a business coach, career coach or fitness coach when and if required.