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Still relying on written content for SEO? 

Get ahead of your competitors & activate a ‘Voice SEO & Marketing’ strategy:

The facts on voice: 
  • Voice search is now 20% of all online searches & rising
  • Google algorithms are now updating for voice queries
  •  Artificial intelligence is powering voice search engines & assistants & becomes smarter each conversation
  • Voice search is more likely to contain questions and phrases
  •  Audio Blogs, Audio Snippets, Podcasts and Videos are contribute towards you SEO & create engagement with your customers
  • Marketing to millennials and teens? These groups are the largest users & adaptors of voice search
  • ‘Near Me’ searches have risen 130% year on year

1/5 queries on Google are now voice searches (and rising)

As per a report out of Google, 20% of online searches are now voice activated and related, and this is only going to continue to increase as technology gets better and the current and next generation of smart device users become more familiar with voice assistants and relatable software.

Voice assistants have moved into our homes (almost over night) with the introduction of Amazon Alexa Google Home and Apple’s Home Pod. All of these devices aim to make our online searches more simplistic, whilst offering functionality that can turn on our TV’s, turn off the lights, tell us about the weather, play music and much more.

So yeah…voice strategies and marketing are important, and they are here to stay.. period! 

Want to know how voice search can help you and your business? Check out this infographic courtesy of the team at SEO Tribunal

How we can help!

As an ethical and dedicated team of digital marketers here in Brisbane, we can guide you through the best strategies for you and your business, to ensure that you are placed to take advantage of the rise in voice search and SEO.

This will include providing strategies to succeed in voice search online and assistance optimising your site for voice assistants.

Our team can also record voice blogs, audio snippets, podcasts, videos and more to ensure your brand gets ahead of your competition, as the race for voice search ramps up here in Australia, and Globally.

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