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Video Blogs Will Get You Serious Cut Through – Fast​

As the rapid rise in video content continues to emerge, many business owners are finding it much easier to release video snippets of information as an effective way to communicate important information to their customer base.

​Video Blogs make communicating large amounts of information simple and easy, and we can create, edit and distribute videos for your website & relevant social media channels.

Consumers are 4 x more likely to watch a video about your product or service than read about it!

The good news is that your video blog is likely to not only be watched and consumed more easily, but also shared, discussed and commented on more often than written content. This is because we are now more likely as customers to use app’s such as FacebookYouTubeVimeo, WhatsApp & Viber etc, to share links to online video content. It is much easier to watch & stream a short clip on your chosen topic than to have  to read written content (especially on a smart-device) and have to scroll on a small screen.​

Enquire today about our Video Blog packages, and we can give you real case studies to check out for yourself where our clients have received more engagement and exposure via video as opposed than using traditional written blog.

Vlog Services we provide:

We will provide consultative video strategies and video coaching for your business including the use and production of

  • Vlog strategies
  • Vlog productions
  • Vlog editing
  • Coaching on video programs and software
  • Upload to relevant channels
  • Embed into your website & social channels

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