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Search Engine Optimisation for Brisbane Businesses

When it comes to developing a website, there are many elements to consider, and SEO may not be at the forefront of your mind during the process, however, it’s a crucial part of establishing your digital footprint and ranking on Google. SEO increases the quantity and quality of traffic coming to your website, so it’s important to ensure that you have done as much as you can to optimise this. 

One of our services at Digital Business Partners involves reviewing and monitoring your on-page SEO. We will review your existing site and ensure that it’s SEO-friendly. This involves checking:

  • Page meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Page URL lengths
  • Heading 1 & Heading 2
  • Keywords and content creation
  • Image Optimisation – including alt text
  • Relevant re-directs and 404 management
  • Google Search Console & Analytics management 

Once we have established that your site is SEO-friendly, we will continue to monitor it and ensure that any future content uploaded meets these criteria. We will work through your site and continue optimising it:

  • Inserting internal and external links
  • Loading and optimising new images
  • Sharpening existing and new landing pages
  • Positioning titles, logos and images as needed

Landing pages should coordinate with one another to keep the site consistent. People tend to only stay on a site page for about 20 seconds, however, this can be changed with an eye-catching and informative page. We’ll also insert a call to action on each page to encourage further click-throughs and engagement with your business.

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Sites such as MOZ can identify any errors with your site from an SEO perspective. We use this to improve your website and fix any issues that may come up. We also run it through Google’s speed checker to ensure that the site is working at optimum speed.

We will continue to monitor and manage your website through:

  • WordPress updates
  • Plugin updates and additions
  • Theme updates

We include website management in our services as it allows you to request small adjustments without having to overspend.

Our approach to marketing is unique.

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