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We outline the 5 core benefits that Podcasting can provide your business below:

As consumers consumption trends change, a businesses marketing and online strategies must also change in order to keep your brand relevant. In the busy world of online marketing and digital advertising there is a highly undervalued strategy available for communicating with your target market in a very direct and concise manner – Podcasting! 

1. Create unique and highly engaging material

When you create a Podcast, you are only limited by your imagination and sense of ability to be authentic. It allows you an amazing opportunity to make your brand stand out from your competitors, because no one else can convey the information that you have in your head, better than you can!

 Whether you are updating customers about a new product or service, introducing new team members,  promoting a sale, providing an opinion or interviewing a guest,  Podcasting allows you to create and distribute highly unique and engaging content in a way that can not be replicated. You will note that over time print adverts, commercials and social media campaigns all tend to start looking and feeling the same, however by utilising a Podcast will you create a personalised and unique experience for your listeners which allows you to promote your brand or service in a new and creative way

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2. Build relationships and loyal followers

The old saying is that if you find 1000 true and loyal fans of your product or service, then you can build a successful business. Podcasting enables you to communicate with and build a loyal base of followers and customers who will actually want to regularly listen and subscribe to your content. 

If your material is original, thought provoking and most importantly, interesting, then you will find that customers will listen in regularly to your Podcast and therefore become loyal to your brand. Connecting with an audience is becoming increasingly harder using traditional forms of marketing because the online space is so busy, and brands are unable to clearly differ themselves from the competition. This is not the case with Podcasting, which allows your authenticity to be able to shine through so you can build relationships via online media.

3. Cost Effective Strategy 

One of the issues with using a 3rd party platform such as Google, Facebook or Instagram, is that if you truly wish to market your brand to a large audience, then you have to ‘pay to play’ e.g. purchase clicks and/or impressions. This is not the case with Podcasts. Once you have bought or hired the correct audio and recording equipment (you can normally purchase a quality mobile recorder and microphone for under AUD$600), then you are on track to use this equipment for a length period of time with low ongoing costs. Audio editing programs can often be downloaded free of charge (e.g Audacity is a good editing tool which costs nothing), whilst Podcast hosting normally costs around the AUD$5 per month (there are some excellent hosting companies out there that provide free hosting such as Whooska). Once you have the correct gear and software in place, Podcasting is an  inexpensive yet highly effective marketing strategy over a long period of time

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4. On Demand Content & Portable Marketing

When a listener chooses to listen to your Podcast, they are effectively choosing to ‘opt in’ to your content. In a marketing world where a lot of messages are being forcefully pushed in front of our eyes and ears e.g social media banners, radio adverts, tv commercials etc, it is rare to have an on demand style of content that consumers can carry with them at any time and listen to in any place. As long as your target market have a smart device then you have the ability to reach them in a variety of places including in their cars, on public transport, at the gym and on their couches. Because Podcasts are heard and not seen, the distinct advantage audio provides is it can be listened to anywhere at any time, which means your customers can take your message with them wherever they choose to go.

5. Create A Revenue Stream

Aside from the obvious financial benefits that a Podcast can create for you from a branding and exposure  perspective, there are some other ways you may be able to monetise your Podcast. If you create engaging content and find that your listeners and subscribers are expanding weekly and monthly, you may be approached by advertisers to discuss promoting their services on your episodes. The more listeners you can attract, the more competition you may be able to create from a advertising and sponsorship point of view. 

As your Podcast interest expands, you may also want to trial a premium content series, where customers pay to listen to a series of epidoes that you deem more valuable than the free content you create. This might involve directing paying customers to a website or subscription based model, where you can charge weekly, monthly or annual payments.

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