3. Podcast Intro, Outro, Music and Voiceovers

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Step 3. Using Intro’s, Outro’s, Music & Voiceovers 

It is common that when you listen to a Podcast, that there is some form of introduction to give your listener a summation of what they are expected to heat throughout the episode. This is a great opportunity to ‘sell’ your episode (much like you do with a title & description), and keep the listener enticed to want to hear more. You may want to introduce a guest, highlight key points, even use a sample of audio that they can expect to hear. What ever you choose, try and and keep it up beat and compact, as you don’t want a five minute explanation if your Podcast is only going to last 15 minutes, listeners simply will not be patient enough.

An outro is not always essential, however a lot of Pod-casters use this period to encourage a follow or review on their respective platform, drive traffic to their website, or even announce what listeners can expect to hear in the next episode. As an outro is right at the end of the listening experience, this needs to be a very quick and succinct wrap up or promotion, as the majority of your listeners have finished what they came for and are putting down their headphones or switching to their next app.

If you choose to use music as a part of your opening, intro and outro, then please ensure that you purchase ‘royalty free’ music that is allowed for use with Podcasts, This is worth researching on Google, as it is illegal to use music from artists without their permission and may cause litigation issues in the future.  The music you choose should suit the temp and style of your show.. e.g it’s not a wise idea to use R’n’B music if you are promoting a show on legal services, as it will confuse your audience.

Professional voiceovers are not essential for a Podcast, however depending on your style, it can be a nice way to ensure that your opening monologue and introduction, sounds as high quality as possible. It can be overplayed over royalty free music or simply used to introduce you as a host or your guests. There are plenty of ways to source a professional voiceover from websites such as Fiverr, from all across the World.  


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