4. Podcast Equipment

Create Your Podcast

Step 4. Use The Correct Podcast Equipment

The old saying that ‘a good tradesman never blames his tools’ certainly doesn’t apply to Podcasters. In the world of Podcasting, you are often only as good as both your tools and they way that you use them.  If you are going to the effort to create a Podcast and launch it to a Global audience,, then you need to ensure that you have the correct gear to make your show and epidoes professional as experience as possible.

Arguably the most important piece of equipment, is the microphone. Good and consistent audio quality is extremely important to ensure that your listeners are easily able to hear you clearly, but also want to keep listening to your Podcast.
Whether you choose to record your show in a studio with a mixer, or whether you hit the road with a portable recorder, the type of microphone you choose can have a big impact on how your final production will sound.

Whether you choose to use a dynamic style of microphone or a USB based microphone which can plug straight into your laptop and software recorder, it is worth taking the time to review the types of brands and style of microphone that suits your individual requirements. There are some great brands out there that continuously rank in the top 5 and top 10 of established review sites, and whilst it can often come down to individual preference it is your responsibility to ensure that your presentation style and recording locations.

Other types equipment to consider is if you need a home based mixer, a portable sound recorder, microphone holder or boom stands, pop guards / filters and cables to link everything together.

If you believe that you can turn up to a Podcast with your smart phone and use it as a professional voice recorder, their is a fair chance your Podcast will not be viewed as professional and viewers will not remain loyal to your show.

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