5. Podcast Editing

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Step 5. Edit Your Podcast for a Professional Finish

A Podcast may only be as good as its editor.

The reality is that you may have the best spoken content in the world, interview an amazing guest or uncover something that is truly amazing, however if you do not have  a Podcast that is easy on the ears, your listeners will switch off in droves.

One of the most common mistakes made from Podcasters, is to load a new episode to their show which has not been listened to again thoroughly and corrected in some way. It is vital to listen to each recording before it gives live to the World, and the timely removal of background noise, long pauses, popping (loud b’s and p’s into the microphone) and echo’s, can not only lead to people to turn away before they have finished your episode, if the believe the quality is poor, they may never come back.

Podcasting is becoming more competitive, therefore the need fora professional finish is becoming see as the standard. Every episode should be listened to multiple times and using editing software (e.g Audacity is popular and free) with plenty of video guides on YouTube), it does not take an overly long time to remove anything you consider a turn off to viewers.

Some of the best Podcasters in the world edit their own episodes or have the professionally edited, and with the amount of free tutorials online that can guide you through the process, there are no excuses for not tidying up each and every episode prior to release.

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