1. Identify Podcast Audience & Choose Strategy

Create Your Podcast

Step 1. Identify an audience & determine the correct strategy 

This is potentially the most important step in your Podcasting journey!

The reason is, if you want to create a Podcast and you don’t have an audience in mind, or you simply can’t identify who that audience is and what they want to hear, then the reality is you will spend a whole lot of time and effort and money, just to end up in the ever expanding, ‘Podcast Graveyard’.

If you know the audience you want to reach out to, then the next key step is to ensure you have the correct strategy to resonate with them and attract as many listeners as possible. This is important to identify as you will have much more passion for creating a Podcast and also sticking with it, if you know your target audience well, and can relate to their listening needs.

Take a financial services institution for example, who are considering creating a Podcast for their clients and customers. They know that their audience is made up people interested in niche and services, therefore they must then decide on the format and style of show that will both appeal to and engage their listeners, and well as keep them ‘hooked’ on the Podcast for the longest time possible.

In this case, it is unlikely that a relaxed, casual or satirical approach would work well, therefore they might like to trial a business style and approach with a financial professional sharing tips and advice, or they could use a formal interview style between two or more experts. You can always adjust your style and approach, once you know who your preferred audience is.

Knowing your audience, and then adapting your style to engage your audience, is crucial to both attracting listeners and subscribers, as well as keeping them long term.

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