6. Podcast Artwork

Create Your Podcast

Step 6. Podcast Artwork and Imagery

Artwork for your Podcast may seem like a very minor consideration, however the colours you choose mixed with the imagery and style, all work towards helping you get as many clicks as possible to ensure you can turn them into subscribers and long term loyal fans.

There are not right or wrong rules when choosing your artwork, however it is advised that you make the name of your Podcast very clear, along with an image or series if images, that summaries either you, or your intent. Podcast artists often use images of themselves or a product or service that they specialise in, which helps convey to their audience more about what they are likely to experience.

Choosing the right colour scheme can also impact on your Podcasts mood and message that you try to convey. Certain colours invoke emotion within people, and can help get you that first, and hopefully lasting, listener.

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