Mental Wellness For Startups

Looking After Your Mental Wellness Is A Key To

Your starting a business – that’s awesome.

You have your digital marketing organised & a strategy for sales, well done.

Now…do you understand the importance of looking after your mental well-being?

As exciting as starting & running a new business can be, you do have to keep things in perspective in regards to your own mental health and well-being.

There is the potential for long days and even longer nights, isolation from family and friends, social media envy and general mental fatigue from the roller coaster ahead and wear and tear from the so called ‘hustle’.

One of the greatest mental challenges that new business and startup owners face is the dreaded fear of failure. The history and global data suggests that you have a 90% chance of not seeing out your first five years in a new business… What a stress!

Therefore, have you considered a strategy to manage your mental health and well-being for the road ahead?? Do you know what mental illnesses to consider and the potential impact to you, your career and / or colleagues?

We believe that having effective evidence based mental health training is one of the core ingredients for long term business and relationship success. This is why we are proud to partner with a mental health specialists and trainers to provide access to their evidence based online program.

Information on Australia’s first evidence based online Mental Health Induction:

We partner with a national mental health training company to provide evidence based training for startup entrepreneurs and business owners. The benefits of undertaking an evidence based mental health program can include:
  • It can help increase presenteeism, your ability to focus on your work
  • It can help lower absenteeism – the days you spend away from working on your own business
  • Strong mental health can contribute to longer & more successful careers, helping create a positive work /life balance
  •  Gain a deeper understanding of common & less common illnesses as well as how to identify, respond to follow up with colleagues or friends and family members who may be struggling with a mental illnesses
Top business influencers, entrepreneurs and identities such as Gary Vaynerchuk & Tony Robbins regularly talk about the importance of maintaining a positive mental well-being for your own health as well as the success for your business.

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