How Can My Business Take Advantage of Voice Search?

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Voice Search Is A Rapidly Growing Technology, so how can you or your business take advantage of it?

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With 350 million users worldwide, surely there must be some way of tapping into the global phenomenon of voice search for your business! This is not just a new way of searching the internet to find out the weather or solve an argument about when a certain album came out or which band sung what song in what year or who starred in that particular film.

The people who are using voice assistant in whatever brand of mobile device they own are using it for a variety of reasons. If your business could possibly be linked to any of these searches then the possibilities are endless.

This is one of the fastest growing technologies on the planet, even rivaling the investment in artificial intelligence. So what kind of voice assistant would be best for you and your business?

You may be aware of some of the technology such as; Apple Siri introduced in 2011, Google Voice Search in 2008, Google Now in 2013, Microsoft Cortana 2013, Amazon Alexa in 2014, Samsung Bixby in 2017, and Google Duplex in 2018. With such an array of choices, how do you know which would be best to maximise your business opportunities and suit your particular industry?

One of the most important aspects of this technology is accuracy.  Your business needs to opt for the most accurate voice search responses. The current information available informs us that voice assistant software is becoming increasingly accurate and the manufacturers have managed to reduce the speech recognition error rate to 5.5% and less.

The current leader in the field is Google Assistant on Google Home and because this voice assistant is connected to the largest search engine, users are able to access  Google’s database with 90.6% accuracy. However, Microsoft’s Cortana has a respectable 81.9% accuracy in its responses. Due to its integration with Microsoft Office, Cortana is generally considered one of the best voice search assistants around.

These are the top two now but Apple’s Siri is chasing hard and Amazon’s Alexa is also not far behind.

Check out the growing industry and how it affects online marketing efforts in the following infographic:

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