Do You Have A Head For Radio?? Create a Podcast..

head for radio create podcast

Do you need new content, but hate the thought of putting pen to paper or presenting to camera?

In today’s fast paced world of digital marketing, the race is on to create as much ‘relevant’ content as possible whilst grabbing as much of your customers ‘attention’ as you can.

Content is everywhere we look, whether you reading, watching or listening, content is being consumed at record rates via social media, websites, smart phones, apps, home pods, streaming devices and more.

Three of the most common forms of content we consume include:

  • Written (typed) content specifically for websites, landing pages, social media posts and blogs
  • Video content which is watched on websites or channels such as YouTube and streamed or downloaded via social media channels and apps
  • And the emergence or audio content, consumed via Podcasts, Audio Books e.g. Audible and now even used in our homes via devices such as Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ for example.

In relation to written content, an issue that many individuals and business owners struggle with, is finding the spare time to get creative and write out content that can engage and flow.

If you ask any business owner to explain what they do, 99% of them will give you a very proud and accurate description, however if you asked them to write this down, most will break into a cold sweat and fail to convey the information in any great detail.

There is no doubt, writing content that can both engage and captivate an audience is a specific skill, and one the majority of people either cannot do effectively, or simply cannot find the time to start.

Video Content however, is quickly becoming a popular and effective content tool, which fits neatly into smart phone apps, tablets and websites and is being used by large and small businesses alike, to increase brand awareness, connect with an audience and increase sales.

Much like written content, coming up with engaging and good-looking video content takes time, aswell as having to work out the right type of equipment required. It doesn’t always need to be expensive equipment to have a good video, however the final product does need to be edited correctly and presented in a way that will capture your target markets attention long enough to heighten their awareness of your product, service or opinion. This is not always done easily!

There also comes the slight issue that a lot of us simply do not feel comfortable in front of the lens. Video is great to watch, but a large portion of the population shudder at the thought of putting themselves online and potentially opening yourself up to some form critiquing. It is a nerve racking experience for many..

Which leads us onto the form of content we listen to, Audio Content. With Podcasts surging in downloads globally, home devices such as the Google Home, Amazon Echo & Alexa and Apple Home Pod taking off and audio books also on the rise, it has arguably never been a better time to create audio content.

No doubt, creating a Podcast can take time and editing is essential, however, if don’t have a creative license to write content or you aren’t fond of presenting to camera and putting yourself online, then audio just maybe the solution.

You can express yourself and your objective freely, speak to guests in person or anywhere in the world, debate, interview, record, laugh, sing and more on a Podcast, and once you nail the process, it is a highly efficient way to distribute content, not to ensure that you stand out from a crowd.

Podcasting allows you a freedom of expression that can go far deeper than the written word, whilst taking away the nerves and anxiety that can creep up on you when recording a video, that lead to stage fright.

So if you are not a great writer, or your intrigued by using much easier communication and content tool, or simply if you have a head for radio and the thought of presenting to camera sends you into a panic attack,  why not try and build an audience and entertain listeners with a Podcast.