Google’s Plan To Make Audio Content Searchable Is A Major Win For Podcasts

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Can Podcasting create more searchable content online?

Audio content is surging in popularity – if you don’t believe me then have a quick look through the emergence or re-rise of Podcasts, and check out what all the major tech players are spending their current time and money on at present:

Amazon – Alexa Skills

Google – Google Home

Apple – Home Pod

The rise in audio friendly technology and consumer demand for related products, is a major win for audio content. Google has recently announced plans to make this form of content searchable in the not too distant future, as mentioned in more detail in this article:

In summary, this article makes reference to audio content, mainly Podcasts, appearing in your search engine results page (SERP), much like text, images and videos appear currently.

To give you an example of how this could affect future search queries, currently if you were to look up your favourite actor or artist, you will most likely see a selection of published article and popular videos, however in the future, will will most likely also find a list of top related Podcasts that they appear in, which will appeal to many consumers who would prefer to listen or hear about what they have searched for, especially from a mobile device.

The other important benefit is focused around SEO, and the importance that the meta data placed into each Podcast show and the episodes can play in regards to improving rankings and discover-ability.

Just like content, images and videos can all be tagged and linked for SEO gains, having audio content rank on top of this could provide a major windfall for companies and individuals who provide quality and consistent audio for their customers and followers.

There is no doubt about it, there has never been a better time to invest in Podcasting and provide an alternative way to be discovered and potentially even rank online, for your customers and followers.

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