Google My Business Optimisation

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Any business not using Google My Business is missing out on some very important and credible traffic to your website.

Google My Business (GMB), is a free listing that acts as a very powerful advertising tool for your company that is quick and easy to set up. GMB offers businesses the rare ability to showcase images, videos, reviews, directions, blogs, updates and more. Most of all did I mention it is free? GMB is afforded prominent rankings on mobile devices and sits above organic SEO results, making it just as important if not more important than SEO for local businesses.

Whilst a lot of companies will take the steps to set up an account, many believe the job is done there and then, and do not worry about optimising the listing properly.

Tip 1:

Reviews, Review & More Reviews

GMB effectively started out as a review location and to find directions. Ratings have always been and will continue to be a fundamental part of GMB and therefore you have no option but to embrace this.

Generating customer reviews on your GMB listing will help move your business into the top 3 pack, which is where you need to be to generate local leads.

Your listing will be rewarded for not only accumulating more reviews but also replying to reviews (whether they be good or bad). We strongly encourage that you request your customers leave you a rating via GMB to help optimise your listing.

Tip 2:

Load Fresh Images & A Short Video

Google My Business listings have become far more interactive over the years, and Google encourages its users to showcase as many images as possible to give customers a greater experience.

High-quality photos not only giving your listing a more engaging and professional edge, but they also help move your listing forward towards the revered top 3 pack. 

An easy way to generate more imagery is to save any images from you Instagram / social media pages and apply these to your listing to ensure your page remains updated and current at all time.

GMB also allows a small video (no longer than 30 seconds) to be applied via the same section, which can only help with both engagement and interaction on your listing.

Tip 3:

Fill Out Every Section, including the new ‘Services’ features with important keywords

Google goes out of its way to tell you how well your listing is optimised, and it pays to fill in every detail, even if you feel it isn’t important e.g. business hours.

If you take our own services as an example, we can elaborate on the types of services we provide to our clients, including more important keywords and give our clients an idea of what price to expect.

By completing the Services and each other section from start to finish, you will end up with a fully optimised listing which gives you the best chance at ranking in the top 3 or 4 spots and generating important enquiries.

Tip 4:

Add Topic Related ‘Posts’

Since Google rolled out their posts feature for all users in 2017, it has completely changed the way that GMB looks and encourages interaction. Literally, overnight businesses were able to create blog style posts with a lead image that not only informs or educates their audience but can also link to their own website.

The posts have progressed over time allowing businesses to now include up-dates, add in events, add in offers or showcase products.

If you include fortnightly posts (a post typically last for 14 days) onto your listing, you can expect to receive a boost in engagement as your posts can show in both Google search and maps results.

In summary, businesses who spend more time interacting with their own GMB listing by encouraging reviews, adding new images, enhancing their services with information and important keywords and creating regular posts, can expect to receive more engagement from users, more direct clicks to their website, more calls and much more prominent rankings than the businesses who simply leave a listing unattended to.  And the best part is…it’s free!

The best part is we can do all this for you for a very small monthly fee! We have years of experience across a wide range of industries and can help you business today. Contact us.