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Google My Business Optimisation Is Important

There is no doubting it, Google My Business is one of the most  underutilised Google tools available. In fact, Moz, one of the World’s most senior SEO authorities, lists it is as the most important local SEO tool available in their 2017 report.
Why you ask? Well, how often do you spend your hard earned budget or time trying to rank for just one particular keyword in regards to AdWords or SEO? The answer is a long time or often a lot of money spent.
Well, Google My Business gives you the best of both worlds. It is a service that is free to set up, and combines imagery, with reviews, with keywords, detailed information, video and much more. It allows you to rank for important keywords to your business in a particular area, and one little known fact, is that you can rank for multiple keywords and services, in multiple areas, all without having to set up multiple locations. 
At Digital Business Partners we will help you optimise your listing, rank above your competitors and most importantly, drive leads from Google My Business
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