2. Create Podcast Name, Title & Descriptions

Create Your Podcast

Step 2. Create a Podcast Name, Title, Description & Catchphrase 

A Podcast name can be as creative and interesting, or as bland and dry as you like, as the reality is that both of them have pros and cons, and it really depends on your brand, product, service and style . 

For example, if you are a dentist who is creating a Podcast to educate your customers on a teeth straightening process, you might like to name the Podcast after your dental clinic and/or name (e.g Dr Tooth and the Dental Clinic Brisbane Podcast) or after the service e.g. ‘The ‘Teeth Straightening Podcast. All of these names are highly relevant, they explain to the listener very easily what they will be listening and they use relevant keyword, important for ranking for your core focus.

In competitive sectors and industries, it may pay to be a tad more creative, in order to differ yourself from the thousands of Podcasts who specialise in your area, and appeal to new and old listeners in terms of adding something different. E.g if you are Podcasting about Entrepreneurs for example, try adding in some words highly relevant to your business name, real name or niche focus, that no one else is using.

The title is the first sentence that your audience will see when viewing your Podcast on their platform. This is a great way to summarise your episode in just a few words. Some people use an episode number first, followed by a name or theme. It really is up to you how you use this space, however try to think like your key customers and what use this as a sales pitch to invite them to listen to hear more. 

A description can have more detail attached to it. This is the long form explanation of your episodes, or an extended sales pitch to really lure your potential listeners in for a detailed listen. Whilst you don’t want to give away your whole Podcast, you do want to use a series of well crafted sentences to educate your listeners on the highlights of your episode, including some helpful information that they may learn by listening. You can always use this space to include links to any websites, products, services and social media channels that you mention during the course of the episode.

 A catchphrase is use by some Podcasters as a way to keep their Podcast top of your mind e.g Tim Ferris often mentions ‘deconstructing world class performers’ which is an enticing sentences to always draw you back in to see who’s coming up next.

Whilst not essential, if you have a catchphrase in mind, it might be a good idea to mention it in your introduction, in your marketing collateral or throughout your description, as a great way to get in people’s heads and remind them to tune in.

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