Video Testimonials Made In Brisbane

What better way to promote you and your company by filming authentic video testimonials

Video testimonials are the best way to easily and quickly convey trust and vital information to your customers. Written testimonials are nice, however how many are actually from real people or real customers? They are exceptionally easy to forge and customers no longer rely on them as a trusted source of information or review.

A ​video testimonial on the other hand shows a genuine person conveying real information. You can express emotion, intent and honesty via a video testimonial which is far more likely to resonate and be appreciated by your current and potential customers.

Video testimonials do not need be made using fancy or hit cut production, often the ‘rawness’ and simplicity of a video testimonial is what customers truly want to see and respond to.

Video is the number 1 way that we consume content online

And its increasing every minutes, hour, day and week. Video testimonials have a huge impact when you place them on social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin as well as your website and youtube channel.

Enquire today about our Video testimonials today and start building a connection and trust with your customers online.