Find Out More About The Benefits Of Podcasts For Your Business

Podcasting Benefits For Your Brisbane Business and Brand

As our world seemingly speeds up and we become used to receiving information more quickly and easily, it only makes sense that Podcasts continue to surge in popularity.

If you take a look around your local cafe, bus stop, office, gym or shopping mall of a morning, it is almost guaranteed that a high percentage of the people you look at will have ear phones in either listening to a Podcast or music.

There are plenty of benefits to producing a Podcast for yourself and your customers / clients, or soon to be listeners. Therefore we have put together a simple summation of the true benefits of Podcasting

Deliver your message quickly & easily to your customers smart phones:

  • Your customers & clients all carry smart phones, and a Podcast allows them to listen to your message and story at any time of the day in any location

Communicate a lot of information in a short space of time:

  • A website can only display so much content before it becomes ‘too much’, and videos must allow for a lot of visual content, where a Podcast is simply a ton of verbal content delivered in a no fuss and simple way

Become the expert / Build Your Brand:

  • If you know a lot of information on a particular topic and you’ve been struggling to get this across, then a Podcast is a highly effective way to convey your ideas to your audience whilst allowing you to slowly build your personal brand so you are recognised as an expert in your sector

Create a community – not just customers:

  • A Podcast is a great way to build a legion of loyal followers who share similar ideals and want to listen to your points of view of particular topics. Whilst it can be used to sell, most Podcasters prefer to add valuable verbal content and wisdom to ensure that their message is one of authority and trust, as opposed to making a quick dollar.

Advertising & Sponsorship potential:

  • Following on from the last point, the majority of Podcasters do not start a podcast expecting to become rich from it, and few rarely turn a profit (unless you have the smarts and following power of a Tim Ferris for example). However, with a surge in listens and downloads, you may explore the potential to offer a pre-message advertisement of finish with a sponsorship message. These are great ways to to help pay for future episodes, new gear and production whilst continuing to grow your own brand or product.


If you do need assistance recording, producing and fine honing your skills in podcasting, please reach out to our team for assistance or call 0448 231 983.



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